When religion gets into the path of science

21 07 2006

StemcellI want to start this blog talking about science, basic science. It’s not directly related to metabolism or nutrition, but it can affect us some day in the future. I’m talking about the presidential veto on stem cell research in the United States.

George W. Bush has used a special power to ban the support given by the Senate to stem cell research funded by the federal government. I’m not going to discuss if this power the President has is right or not, that’s politics, I just want to say something about what drove him to do it. Religion and politics.

Again Mr. Bush is mixing both things, religion and politics. Mr. Bush could be against funding steam cell research for political reasons, you can agree or not, but that’s alright. But Mr. Bush reasoning is a religious one, with political interests, of course.

It seems that stem cell research “crosses a moral boundary”, and for the president the destruction of an embryo equates, morally, to the murder of a human being… Excuse me?

And what about the death penalty? How many of those Mr. Bush signed during his years as a governor in Texas? And what about Iraq Mr. Bush? I call ALL THAT immorality… and hypocrisy.

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