Microwave pre-cooking of French fries reduces cancer chemicals

8 11 2006

french friesSome time ago there was a big coverage in the media about french fries (and other foods high in carbs) and a cancer compound called acrylamide. Basically, acrylamide forms during processes such as frying, baking and roasting where high-temperature and low-moisture conditions exist.

It seems that the discovery led to much research being done to investigate the benefits of alternative cooking methods. Now, a team of researcher from Turkey has shown that microwaving your French fries before you fry them reduces the levels of the cancer-causing substance.

When the potato strips were subjected to frying after a microwave pre-cooking step, acrylamide content in the whole potato strip was reduced by 36%, 41% and 60% for frying at 150, 170 and 190oC respectively.

The findings have been published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, read the abstract here.

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