Back from Prague

14 09 2007

Well, I’m finally back from Prague. What a nice city… a shame is so cold already at this time of the year. Last Tuesday, when I left in the morning, it was 8ºC!!! Also it was cloudy and rainy all those days. I didn’t have much time to see the city, but I can say it deserves another trip, this time only to do the tourist.

The congress was good. There were some interesting conferences and the poster presentation was a success. Our study will be translated to Japanese to be published in the japanese journal of clinical nutrition and metabolism. I didn’t expect that!

It was funny to see how more and more people take pictures of the slides used in the conferences… not many people take notes anymore. In some conferences it was announced that doing that was copyright infringement! Another use for digital photography that none would have ever imagined. 🙂

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