Homeopathy: The pseudoscience behind it

20 09 2007

Interesting article titled Diluting the scientific method where we can read about how homeopathy is trying to establish itself as a real science… the truth is that it has nothing of science and a lot of scam.

Quoting the original text:

“Key to that understanding [of science] are the basic features of science, such as how scientific concepts are formulated and tested and why they typically produce a better understanding of the natural world than alternative approaches.”

“Homeopathy claims to be a form of medical practice that’s based on the principle that ‘like cures like’. Given a set of symptoms, a homeopath will identify an herb or chemical that causes similar symptoms. Following a predefined ritual, the homeopath performs a series of dilutions of that chemical that continue well beyond the point where there should be no molecules of it left—the final solution is essentially well-shaken water.”

“In the end, this overview provides a clear demonstration of tactics used by many practitioners of pseudoscience: make a large number of vaguely scientific arguments in the hope of making the desired conclusion seem inevitable.”

In fact, all pseudosciences act in the same way, they:

  • Ignore settled issues in science
  • Do a misapplication of real science
  • Reject scientific standards
  • Do claims of suppression
  • Engage in a conclusion/evidence gap
  • Focus on the fringes of real science

The article is a bit long, but it’s worth reading it.

Si vols llegir aquest article en català, introdueix l’adreça web del blog a http://www.translendium.com/

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